What It Does

InstaLift is a new non-surgical, facial rejuvenation procedure that lifts sagging facial skin without the need for surgery, scars or general anesthesia. It is an in-office procedure that restores youthful cheek and jawline contours by gently lifting the deeper layers of skin with absorbable sutures. The sutures provide an “instant lift” of the mid face and neck. InstaLift is FDA-approved for the mid face.

The sutures naturally and gradually resorb over time, and the absorption process stimulates collagen production over time as well. This aspect of the technique contributes to skin renewal and helps to maintain the results even after the sutures have fully resolved.

The InstaLift procedure is ideal for patients with mild to moderate laxity of the cheeks and jowl area. This technique can be used to delay more aggressive procedures such as facelift. It is also an excellent tool to refine and enhance the results of prior facelift procedures.

Procedure Basics and Recovery

InstaLift is comfortably performed under local anesthesia in the office and typically takes about 45 minutes. A visible lift is apparent immediately. Recovery is relatively modest. Expect some mild bruising and swelling. Certain facial movements such as strong chewing are avoided for about a week. Patients return to their normal daily activities right away.

Additional Information

InstaLift can provide effects similar to injectable fillers. However, the techniques do differ in underlying concept, and the selection of an approach will be dependent on the specific nature of your aging process. Some patients may be candidates for both. Fillers are primarily utilized to restore the volume loss that occurs with aging. They are used to “fill in” folds, hollows, and lines. And some types of filler can also appear to lift sagging facial tissues when injected along the cheekbone to correct volume loss there. InstaLift differs from fillers in that it actually moves sagging tissue back into place. The subsequent collagen production then contributes to natural skin tightening and soft tissue augmentation.